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April 4th


                                                            Hello Again, Sorry it took so long to get this out!! 

                                                                                                                                                                                   As was designed by nature, the strong attack the weak. This helps to maintain the integrity of a species. As humans we try to reverse this law of nature, and we call it being humane. Still at the core of our being we canít help but appreciate a good slaughter. This weekend at the RCA Convention  Center 63 teams from all over the USA were systematically dismantled and eliminated from the Midwest Qualifier in Indianapolis, Indiana by a small team from a small town. The 2001 Gainesville Jrs. 15 National Team sliced through the competition with very little resistance, except  for one three game match with the Cincy Classics on day two. I think that I can speak for everyone that was there when I say that this was one of the most intense and emotional experiences I have ever had. We all should feel very fortunate to be involved with a team and an organization of this magnitude. As a parent, I would like to give thanks to eleven of the best players and greatest kids. And a special thanks to three of the hardest working coaches I have ever met at any sport at any level.                                                                            

         Integrity, by definition means, a state of being entire. Just as only the strong survive. Also, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Our team is composed of many different components, players, coaches, parents, and organizers. No one component more important than the other. And it is vital that all of the components are working together. It is our responsibility to each other to maintain the integrity of our team. It is easy to be helpful and understanding when times our good. When times are full of stress and pressure, we must actively seek out our weakest links and offer assistance to insure that our chain stays as strong as possible. I know that everyone will do his or her part.                                                                                                       

          Food!! My favorite part of out of town trips. Chad found a little place called the Distillery. Great food, and even better service. The owners name was Tom Whatever, and his waitress Betty, were super nice to parents and players alike. Subway ruled lunches, as I didnít see a Publix since we left Florida. Kelly did her usual outstanding job keeping the girls in need of nothing from a nutrition standpoint. And a fabulous job with the coaches sandwiches. If we could just find a way to keep them from getting so soggy!!!!!!!   JUST KIDDING.                                                    

        All in all a great tournament, a great city, a great victory, a horrible drive. Got to loose those phobias. By the way Salt Lake is 2262 miles and approx. 26.2 hrs @ 85, I need riders. Congratulation girls! Oh, and by the way. We are taking donations for a cup for John Bowers. All donations sent to   Have a great week and see you in Tampa.                                                                                                                                                                                ~Dave

Editor's note: Please send Dave an email so he knows that his journalist efforts are appreciated and so that he can get the complaints about his articles never being on time, not the coaches.